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southward, to the south, southern, in the south, from Proto-Germanic, perhaps literally sun-side (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisiansouthward, in the south, Middle Dutchsun (from PIE root*sawel-the sun). Old Frenchare loan-words from Germanic, perhaps from Old Norse

As an adjective from c. 1300; as a noun, one of the four cardinal points, also southern region of a country, both late 13c. The Southern states of the U.S. have been collectively calledThe Southsince 1779 (in early use this often referred only to Georgia and South Carolina).South countryin Britain means the part below the Tweed, in England the part below the Wash, and in Scotland the part below the Forth.South Seameant the Mediterranean (late 14c.) and the English Channel (early 15c.) before it came to mean (in plural) the South Pacific Ocean (1520s) and it was frequent for the Pacific Ocean generally in U.S. in early 19c. (Thoreau, J.Q. Adams).

*swel-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning the sun. According to Watkins, the*-el-in it originally was a suffix, and there was an alternative form*s(u)wen-, with suffix*-en-, hence the two forms represented by Latinsol, Englishsun.

It forms all or part of:anthelionapheliongirasoleheliacalhelio-heliotropeheliuminsolateinsolationparasolparhelionperihelionSolsolarsolariumsolsticesouthsouthernsunSunday.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskritsuryah, Avestanhvarsun, light, heavens; Greekhlios; Latinsolthe sun, sunlight; Lithuaniansaulė, Old Church Slavonicslunice; Gothicsauil, Old Englishsolsun; Old Englishsweglsky, heavens, the sun; Welshhaul, Old Cornishheuul, Bretonheolsun; Old Irishsuileye; Avestanxuengsun; Old Irishfur-sunnudlighting up; Old EnglishsunneGermanSonne, Gothicsunnothe sun.

1872, originally in railroading, fromsouthbound(adj.2).

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