Barcelona source implies Tebas shared information refeeingc

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Barcelona have been under the microscope for their role in El Caso Negreira over the past week. Documents made it into the public domain that Barcelona had been contracting Dasnil 95, a business owned by Vice-President of the Referees Committee Enriquez Negreira, over the course of 17 years.

The club have defended themselves, saying they will take legal action against false statements, but most agree that the reputation of the club has taken a severe hit. They are not under investigation currently.

According to La portera de Nunez, the leak did not come as a surprise to the club. They were aware the information might come out.

Lets see if the world stops calling it an investigation already. It is a LEAK that has been passed on with a mask and in a packet, that has been offered out for a while, which is shown by the fact that they already knew it would come out.

Those words reference back to a Tweet 19 days previously, where the information shared by LPDN alleges that La Liga President Javier Tebas was looking to launch a smear campaign against Barcelona.

It is said, it is rumoured that La Liga (Well, what the hell, Tebas) is looking for a friendly outlet in order to give a supposed scandal on mister Laporta. A smear campaign is what you earn when you dont sign up to Very Clear Blackmail.

Further to that idea, today Tebas has been seen promoting articles against the running of the club, ignoring the fact that the sinking and the collapse of the economy of this club was given his approval for the last decade. And now, all of a sudden, he doubles down on the vigilence?

LPDN tends to be close to the action at Camp Nou, without being an official media source. In the past, it was also one of the first sources to report that Kylian Mbappe might stay at Paris Saint-Germain last spring.

It is necessary to take this information with a pinch of salt, as it is a serious accusation if the La Liga President were to be actively working against one of its members.

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