Feid and Karol G set social media alight withensuadance Is t

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They performed together in Puerto Rico

Feid andKarol Gare currently considered as two of the most successful artists worldwide.

The twomusicianshave made headlines again after their sensual dance during a concert in Puerto Rico two nights ago.

The video showing them dancing has gone viral on social media, asFeid invited Karol G to join himand she didnt hesitate to do so with fans in attendance going crazy.

As of today, the two Colombian artists have only released one hit together, called FRIKI.

However,Karol Greleased a few weeks ago a song titled Tus Gafitas, which according to the fans includes references toFeid.

Neither of the two artists have denied a possible affair. What is clear to many of their followers is that there is something between them given the way they dance together and look at each other on stage.

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