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The char siew is made with premium bu jian tian cut and is prepared at the stall every morning.

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With an auspicious-sounding name that literally translates to lets prosper, Laifaba () is not exactly a place to increase your fortune.

Unless youre talking about prospering in terms of growing sideways (/f f), which would make it the perfect place to be at, especially for roast meat and wanton mee.

While their cheapest dish is the Signature Egg Noodle (S$2.90), be prepared to pay at least S$6.90 if youre looking to try some of their roast meats as a side dish.

Besides the assortment of meats available, namely char siew, crispy roasted pork (sio bak), roasted duck, and soy chicken, customers can choose between al dente noodles and rice for carbs.

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Their char siew is made with premium bu jian tian cut and is prepared at the stall every morning by braising, blow-drying, and wood-firing it.

For the uninitiated, bu jian tian literally means never seeing the sky in Mandarin and it refers to the cut of meat on the underside of the pig between the hock and bacon also known as the armpit.

Despite the seemingly unappetising body part, the cut of meat promises a good ratio of fat and soft lean meat, which is not the healthiest choice but makes up for it in taste and texture.

Furthermore, this cut of meat is not available in abundance as each 100kg pig typically yields only around 2kg of it.

However, if you prefer a leaner cut for your char siew, Laifaba allows customers to choose amongstthree cuts: Lean cut, fatty cut, and mixed cut.

They also offer roast meats and other side dishes in sharing portions such as prawn paste chicken wings/har cheong gai (S$8.90), chicken/pork satay (S$13.90), and shrimp dumpling soup (S$9.90).

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You can also pre-orders for takeaway or islandwide delivery via theirwebsite.

They offer up to S$16 off delivery and 20 per cent off self pick-up orders.

Previously situated at Ann Siang Hill, Lai Fa Bas relocated outlet at Bukit Batok features decor that is inspired by the good old days when the owners grandmother was selling wanton noodles in a pushcart.

Dine at the marble tables while being surrounded by old-school paraphernalia like Milo and Ovaltine tins, table-top fans, tiffin carriers, and lights made of old-school salon hair dryers.

With the approach of Chinese New Year, the eatery has been decked out in festive decorations, including pussy willows.

Address:71 Bukit Batok Crescent, Prestige Centre, 02-02, 658071

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